5/25: Hey all! Nalem here! New job has been keeping me busy but I haven't forgotten you. Comics are delayed until June. I need some time to work on them.

331- Any easier.
posted Oct.09.13 at 08:00 am

 Aaaaand that's the chapter! I hope you liked it!

This chapter was a lot of fun. FIRST ONE IN COLOR! I hope you guys liked the color too!

Anyway, thanks for reading! See ya Friday! I got some big news to give ya!



Note: I'm still taking emergency discount commissions! P.S. If you want to just donate instead, please wait until I announce some news on Friday!



So I’ve got bill collectors breathing down my neck and my phone’s gonna be shut off in the next week or so I’m taking EMERGENCY COMMISSIONS!

Jump on now to get yourself a nice, discounted character commission! [see this tag for samples]
Sketch- $5

Inked- $10

Flat color - $15

Full color- $20

For additional characters, add 50% of the base price! 


-No sex, nudity is okay

-No nudes of my original characters [i.e. from Lighter than Heir] Bikinis are okay!

-Complexity can alter the price

-2 slight modifications only, no redos

-This is for illustrations only! No comics or animation

If you want to help and can’t, please share this post!

I also always take comics, but those are not discounted.

So yeah, nice, affordable art! Yaaay 

If you’re interested, shoot me an email nalem29@gmail.com



Anyway, back to work!

Have a good one!

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