posted Sep.06.17 at 05:27 pm

Hey all, SERIOUS TIME. Due to reasons I am not ready to share publically, LtH must go on a break for awhile. We'll try to get the comic back and running as soon as possible. Thanks for understanding.

UPDATE 11/22/2017: HEY ALL SO. Couple of things.

In LA. Still don't have a permanent place to live.

All the job leads I had lined up for myself when I came here are ALSO gone, so I've been focusing 100% on job hunting/freelance/patreon to get by until I can find a place.

THAT'S why the comic's delayed. I keep seeing comments on here from restless fans. I appreciate your enthusiasm for the comic's return, but I'm trying over here! I'd love the comic to return, but this stuff's important too.

Comic's delayed indefinitely again until I can get stable ground.



UPDATE 11/23: If you would like to help in any way, consider supporting my patreon! New and improved at

UPDATE 1/16: Hey all. I've been working on Lighter than Heir on my free time. I'll announce a rerelease date once I have a queue built up. 

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