Hey gang! We're going to be at Anime Expo July 1-4th! We hope to see you there!

posted May.20.16 at 04:15 pm

Hey all! Taking a little break from the comic this week. Good reason, though!

So we're on the homestretch to finishing Lighter than Heir volume 2! We're planning to debut it at Anime Expo on July 1-4, and in order to get it in time, we'll have to put in our order next week. We're taking a week to wrap up any significant work to get it out of the way faster and mostly because I'll be visiting my family from May 24-June 7th. I haven't seen them in three years, so I'm excited! 

Until the next page, enjoy this adorable scene from our volume 2 exclusive chapter! 

See ya soon, everybody! Take care!


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