The book is finished and the PDF is now available for backers! As for the comic, we'll be going up to 2 days a week starting next week as we wrap up the commission rewards. Thanks for your patience! We'll see you Wednesday the 24th with a new page!

posted Dec.11.14 at 01:39 am

Gah, I'm alittle late, but hey, a new page!

SO ALL THAT'S LEFT ON THE BOOK IS THE COVER [and the Special thanks and about page] . I was hoping it'd be done by now but Freelance, man. Gotta pay the bills. 

Hoping by next week, we can get the comic back up to twice a week, until the other Kickstarter reward fulfillment is done [commissions, cutting stickers, stuff like that] then we'll go back to three times a week! Can I get it done before the new year? Man, I HOPE SO.

Anyway, hope you like the new page! Spanio's doing such a good job with the writing, I'm so proud.

I'll see ya Friday! [Maybe]  

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