Comic is delayed due to a family emergency. New page will be up later this week.

posted Oct.15.14 at 07:36 pm

 Yay, I made it! New page, everybody!

Man, life is just neverending work. Just as I'm balancing freelance and Lighter than Heir work, Cosmo got sick again.


Sigh, what am I gonna do with you, dog?

On the bright side, his appetite and energy doesn't seem any different. He's just got this swollen throat. We're heading to the vet tomorrow.

In Lighter than Heir news, book's coming along well! Spanio took the comic and split up the very long chapter 6 [which was 100+ pages long] down to 3 chapters, so now the archive has 18 chapters instead of 14. It's more manageable and should be easier to navigate. So if you wanna look up the Grunwald/Zeppelin fight, you don't have to search through 100 pages to find it. 

So yeah, the book has 9 chapters now. It's still all the same content we promised, just divided alittle better. I had to remove the pictures, unfortunately, since it doesn't work properly. I'll go back and add descriptions for the chapters later.

That's all from me now! I gotta get back to work. Take care!



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